About us

Yoga Big Island was created out of a desire to practice yoga outside, next to the ocean, among the crashing waves, with your toes in the sand. We want to combine the healing properties of yoga with mother nature, and soulful music, to bring you into the present moment so that you can remember who you truly are. The wireless headphones used in all of our classes allow you to get lost in zen beats with the ocean as your view. Get ready to drop into yourself and your yoga in a whole new way!

Our wireless headphones are sleek and comfortable. They are easily adjustable with self control volume. Crystal clear music and teacher instruction will come through the headphones, allowing you to drop into your practice. You won’t notice any extraneous noise going on around you, so that you can enjoy your yoga practice, nature, and the soulful music.

Whether you live in Hawaii or are visiting, we feel that everyone deserves to practice yoga outside with a community, and experience the magic of the Aloha spirit, that only Hawaii can provide. We want to create a one of a kind experience for you. It is not every day that you get to practice yoga next to the ocean and waves, taking in nature as never before. This is not just a yoga class, its an immersive experience.  

Our mission is to combine yoga, music, community, and nature to create a unique class that will bring you back to your true essence. All our classes are entirely donation based.

All levels, orientations, backgrounds, and abilities are welcome. We are a safe space for everyone. 

Mahalo for being part of our Ohana and loving this land. We can not wait for you to join us at Yoga Big Island!

Our Classes

big island yoga


This class is accessible to everyone. You will be guided through a vinyasa flow, linking breath to movement. Be prepared to hold postures, strengthen your core, balance, and play with your flexibility, all while having fun!
big island yoga

The intention of this class is to build full-body strength, balance, and flexibility. Bodyweight training is combined with signature yoga poses to help you get stronger, while still paying close attention to your breath, and moving mindfully. This class is for everyone, and can be leveled to meet you where you are.

big island yoga

The goal of this class is to get students into a parasympathetic state of being, full relaxed, with permission to release tension and stress in the body. Poses are held on average for 3-5 minutes. This is a nurturing experience, with positive affirmations and gentle reminders to stay in the present moment and allow distractions to fall away.

Meditation Flow

Each class will start with an intention and breathing exercise, setting the stage for our practice. We will then transition into a slow vinyasa flow, where we will hold poses a little longer, and deepen into our bodies. Each session will end with a blissful svasana and guided meditation, taking you on a journey even deeper into our topic or intention for that day.

big island yoga

Our Full Moon and New Moon flows are a unique and special experience to come together in a sacred space. This is our Flow style of yoga with some extra bliss!  These classes are 75 minutes and begin with a reading about the moon and where it falls in the season. It is followed by a sacred flow, and then ends with a guided meditation designed to further tap into the moon energy.