FULL Moon Ceremonies

Slow vinyasa flow, guided meditations, sound healing

Full Moon Flow and Sound Healing Ceremony

Our Full Moon ceremonies are an experience designed to guide you on a beautiful journey inward that will awaken your senses and stimulate deep relaxation through guided movement, meditation, and sound healing. 

During the Full Moon, we are invited to face what we must break through, process, and release in order to manifest our intentions. It’s a time to embody the changes we desire in our lives and begin to see ourselves in a new light—the light of the Full Moon.

Each month we gather with community, in different outdoor venues in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. These events are for everyone.

We begin each ceremony with a reading about the Full Moon, and how the current energy of the moon will show up for us that month. This is a time for you to release what you no longer want to hold, and set intentions for anything you would like to bring in. 

We transition into a gentle yet invigorating flow to get your body and breath moving, transitioning into relaxing restorative poses, followed by a blissful savanna.

During savanna you will be led through a guided meditation, designed for you to tap deeper into the current energy state of the Full Moon.

Each ceremony ends with a sound healing using a chalice. Sound healing is the use of a sacred instrument or voice to release energetic blockages inducing a state of ease and harmony in the body. Sound can shift frequencies from the low energies such as shame and guilt, to elevated vibrations of love and joy. The sound chalice is the perfect instrument in our outside settings since it is mobile, and allows for individual sound healing amongst the larger group. You will be able to experience and feel the sound vibrations the chalice makes directly over your body, allowing your to fully surrender. 

The Full Moon ceremony are truly a special and magical sacred space of yoga, community, nature, and music. If you feel the nudge, please listen and join us.