A 6 week journey to release, reimagine, and emerge into the person you are truly meant to be.

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Imagine a sacred space where you can arrive exactly as you are. A space where you don't have to pretend, and just be. A space where you are held, seen, and feel safe to unravel. Where you are witnessed by women who are supportive and cheering you on.

This is your invitation to release your patterns of overwhelm, perfectionism, and over-doing, and step fully into your truth. It is time to emerge.

What is Emerge?

This is an invitation for women to deeply connect with themselves on a soul level with the support of a sacred sisterhood

This is unlearning and remembering that you were born worthy.

This is about having the courage to take up space and stop playing small. 

This is about letting go of the patterns of overwhelm, exhaustion, perfectionism, and comparison that no longer serve you. 

This is about saying yes to your dreams, and taking steps to move toward a life full of joy and alignment. 

This is about removing the masks and showing the world who you truly are and creating a life that your soul craves. 

It is time for you to fully Emerge.

Why am I offering this?

I know from experience how hard it is to carve out time for yourself. As women we get into patterns of over-doing, over-whelm, and always taking care of everyone without any regard for nourishing ourselves. We come last. In this culture of doing more and hustle we feel we are not worthy of rest, moving slow, and spaciousness. This way of living is unsustainable. It has to stop.

There is a different way…

When you carve out intentional time for yourself consistently that is when real transformation and meaningful change occurs.This is about learning too say yes to yourself first. This is about slowing down so that you can start to heart and listen to your inner voice again.

There is an intention and reason behind meeting for six consecutive weeks and this is because when you begin to show up for yourself again and again, it slowly starts to get easier. It is like building new muscles. Before you know it, making time for yourself without guilt and excuses begins to get easier, and ripples into everything you do.

I know from experience the beautiful awakenings and transformations that can take place when women come together in sacred circles. I have seen the masks of perfection lower and the truth emerge. I have heard voices of women who have been quiet for far too long. I have seen patterns begin to crumble and steps towards transformation begin. I have seen women emerge into completely different versions of themselves.

I have seen this woman.

I have felt this woman deeply inside my body. I have seen the souls of women hiding for too long begin to come alive.

I know this woman intimately because I am this woman.

it is time for you to create the life that your soul craves

Who Is Emerge For?

This is for you if…

You are ready to let the masks that keep you hidden melt away, and emerge into a more authentic and aligned version of yourself.

You are ready to let go of outdated patterns, stories, and roles that no longer serve you.

You find that you are walking through life with a lot of questions, blocks, challenges, stress and overwhelm and you desire a quiet space to tap into your soul.

You are on the edge of the cliff, ready to make a big change, and desire the support of a group of loving women who are cheering you on and always ready to catch you.

You are ready to do the work and connect with your inner wisdom, and get real with the truth of your highest self.

If you are a new mom, just moved, recently left a relationship, or started a new job and you need a space to process, gain closure, release, heal, and plant new roots during this time of transition.

Relationships with women in the past have been strained or challenging and you desire a connection with other women in a container filled with trust, safety, and love.

You feel stuck, and not sure how to proceed, but somehow understand that more is possible.

You have been waiting – waiting for the perfect time but it never comes.

You are ready to dream and create a new world that your soul craves.

You are ready to step all the way in, transform, and fully emerge into who you truly are.

This is about having the courage to take up space and stop playing small. ​

Our Journey

Over the course of six weeks, we will gather weekly, and start to travel inside to become closer to our truth. With support and meaningful connection with other women we will explore what it means to live a life that is more rooted with your highest self. We will move through rituals designed to open your heart, have honest and vulnerable conversations, meditate, journal, and intuitively move our bodies.

Week One: Open Ceremony:  We will gather for the first time and open the container for the journey we will be on together. We will cultivate our sacred space, orient ourselves on the journey, and get to know one another in sisterhood and community.

Week Two: Releasing Conditioning and Patterns: We will dive under the masks that we wear such as perfectionism, people pleasing, and over giving, and look at why we choose to hide under these disguises, and release what is no longer serving us. 

Week Three: Self Worth: You are worthy of living a life you desire, that is full of magic, creativity, and devotion. We get stuck in over-doing for everyone else and do not carve out the time or space to rest, or to create. We then feel resentment, tired, overwhelmed and may even get sick. This is where we will cultivate rituals around self love, and deepen into our bodies the reasons of why you are worthy of it.

Week Four: Boundaries:  Now that you feel worthy of your dreams, you will need the space and support to create it. Women have been told that we should be able to handle it all but the truth is we can’t, and we feel guilty when we admit we need help. We will explore how to start saying no, and truly honoring and upholding boundaries as a form of love for yourself.

Week Five: Emerging into a Life of Pleasure and Joy: Imagine how it would feel to not care what anyone thought and fully step into a life that was radiant, full of joy, and pleasure? We often stop short, out of fear of what people will think, or feeling like we are “too much” – but what if you went all in, and did the thing you really wanted to do? This is where we will go all in, and cultivate what it feels like to embody a life full of laughter, joy, pleasure, and being seen in your full, radiant self.

Week Six: Closing Ceremony: Our final gathering. An opportunity for celebration, integration, connection, and closure.

On the outside my life seemed perfect but on the inside I was constantly overwhelmed

My Story

We had just bought a bigger house in the SF Bay Area in the upscale neighborhood. I had a beautiful, healthy baby, my husband had a successful career, and I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to quit my job to stay at home with my daughter. This was exactly where I thought I wanted to be in my life. The path of getting married, owning a home, and starting a family is that path I had been on since I was a little girl. I had finally arrived, and all I could wonder was… Is this it?

I began to suffer from anxiety and insomnia. I was over-giving, completely overwhelmed, and constantly looking outside of myself for assurance and worth. I constantly felt guilty that motherhood did not fulfill me and I didn’t know anymore what my purpose was. On the outside my life seemed perfect,  but on the inside, under the veil, I was sad, confused, and alone. I felt incredibly guilty all of the time because I dreamed of more. I should be happy with what I have, stay small, be quiet. I feared I would be looked at as ungrateful.  Too much. Never satisfied. But this was my truth, on the inside my soul was craving more. 

I was nervous walking into my first women’s circle. It was hard leaving my one year old baby – this was my only job. The guilt for making time for myself was crippling. I had never done anything like this. I was not good at speaking in public or sharing my feelings.

When I entered the door there were familiar smells and soft music. There was dim lighting and the flicker of candles. There were mats in a circle and a beautiful altar in the center adorned with flowers, crystals, and oracle cards. Women were drinking tea and talking softly. My body began to soften and calm. The business and anxiety of the outside world dissipated. There was a feeling of deep remembrance and belonging. 

For almost two years I just sat and listened. I would speak very little, but I kept going back. I could not stop. My body and soul craved this beautiful ritual, and ceremonial space, where I was free to express my truest desires. It was here that I could open up my heart and let my most authentic self be seen, without the fear of being thought of as too much. It was here that I could take up space and be loud in my truth. For the first time in my life I was following what my body needed, not my mind, and she continued to say yes, go. So that is what I did, and how I continue to lead my life now.

Over the course of six years, I began to speak about what was real, and as I spoke my truth, the positive effects rippled out into all areas of my life. The work I began to do inside a safe container, with a supportive sisterhood that believed in me, gave me the courage to begin to take the steps necessary to live a life I truly desired. My real life began to shift and move into place of alignment. I began to speak up for what I needed, started to set boundaries, and carve out time and space for me to live a life outside of being a mom. I began to sleep again and my anxiety became manageable. I began to really love myself for the person I was, and how I showed up in the world. For far too long my love and worth was tied into my looks, my career, and what I could do for other people. I slowly started to shift and bury all of these outdated patterns. I got really quiet and started listening to my deep inner knowing and guided my decisions from that place. I was emerging.

Our stories connect us and bind us to each other.

The Power That is Created when Women Sit in Circle

There is beautiful magic that is created when women come together in a sacred authentic way. When we sit in circle, side by side, there is a container that is created. The container is crucial to the process because it is here where we feel safe. It is here where we are able to be witnessed and held in our truth. It is here where we are given the invitation to bear our soul and be held in our experience. It is here where we peel back the layers of guilt and shame. It is here where we experience soul level connections with other women, and know that we are not alone in our experiences. Our stories connect us and bind us to each other.

Although we come from different walks of life, places, experiences, lineages, and cultures, there is a thread in our stories that connects, and weaves us together. The deep levels of vulnerability, support, and security is what allows you to make such powerful shifts. All women need and deserve this type of support, witnessing, and holding. When we are given the permission to bear our souls, in a safe and trusted container, that magic is created. You can begin to emerge into the person you were always meant to be.

Each gathering will look like this

Our opening ceremony will happen on Tuesday, January 17th from 6:00-7:45pm. The remainder of the courses will occur on Mondays, and we will meet in a beautiful private outdoor space in Holualoa, just a couple miles north of town. The space is nestled amongst horse pastures overlooking the ocean. We will sip tea and integrate with nature. 

When you arrive you are invited to come in slowly, grab a warm cup of tea, listen to soft music, gaze at candles, and let your nervous system slow down into ceremonial space. Gatherings will begin with a greeting and grounding meditation, signaling to our body that we are safe.

Each week will cover a different theme. Through rituals, journaling, heart opening conversations, and sharing our truths we will begin to unravel, release, and make space for what we truly want in this lifetime. Each week builds on the next over the course of our journey, and is designed to further open you up and emerge.

Gatherings will close with a somatic body experience – we will move from mind into body so that we can really start to attune with how we want to feel and embody a new way of being. This may be through meditation, slow feminine yoga, stretching, chanting, or dancing. 

We will end slowly and peacefully. Sometimes this may look like shavasana or quietly seated with our eyes closed, hands resting on our body. 

We will gather on the following days from 6:00-7:45pm.

Tuesday, January 17th

Monday, January 23rd

Monday, January 30th

Monday, February 6th

Monday, February 13th

Monday, February 20th*  – no meeting due to President’s Day weekend 

Monday, February 27th

You will also have access to a private online community where you and your fellow sisters can support each other, witness, and cheer each other as you discover your new self.

See What Women from our Community are Saying...

Jennifer Kim
Jennifer Kim
Read More
I have never been comfortable talking about my feelings but being around such amazing women and hearing their stories helped me to feel open and honest too. I felt my walks break down and I closed a chapter my life that has been subconsciously effecting the way I parents and how I am as a partner. Thank you Heather.
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Heather provided an opportunity for me to say Yes to myself when she hosted the Nourish retreat. I'm so glad I did. For a long time I've felt alone in my feelings and being surrounded by other women sharing their experiences helped me realize that we're all the same. Heather provided a safe place for us to express ourselves. I felt renewed.
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My heart is full. Being in a community with other women and sharing our experiences while being held in a safe container is priceless. Sometimes all you need is to be seen, heard, validated, and loved. If you are feeling called to connect on a deeper level with yourself and other women in the community, I highly recommend the medicine.
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This felt like a real gift to myself, a chance to go inwards and be still. At the same time, I loved connecting with all the other women in the circle and hearing the common threads of struggles that we all share. I was so moved by many of the other women's stories and saw myself in all of them. Many tools were shared and it felt empowering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emerge will be held at a private event space in Holualoa, a couple miles north of Holualoa town. The space is open air on a beautiful platform with roof, small kitchen, and bathroom, overlooking the ocean amongst pastures.

We will meet the following Mondays, from 6:45pm – 8:30pm

Tuesday, January 17th

Monday, January 23rd

Monday, January 30th

Monday, February 6th

Monday, February 13th

Monday, February 20th*  – no meeting due to President’s Day weekend 

Monday, February 27th

The series is designed to be a journey that we begin and end together. If you miss one session it will be ok, however I encourage you to be at the opening and closing ceremony, and feel into the dates and times to ensure they work for you before making the commitment.

When you arrive into each session you will have the opportunity to move slowly, get tea, and quiet your mind as you enter into a ceremonial space. We will begin each session with a greeting and then I will introduce the topic and themes we will be working with that week. 

The first half of each session will be open, raw, unfiltered interaction about the topics introduced along with whatever comes bursting up for you. 

We will end each session with a somatic body experience – we will move from mind into body so that we can really start to attune with how we want to feel and embody this new way of being. This may be through meditation, slow feminine yoga, stretching, chanting, or dancing.

Yes. This experience is for women and all of those who identify as women who are 18 years or older. 

Yes! All sexual orientations are welcome.

Please bring a  journal, pen, and yoga mat to every session. If anything else is needed I’ll email you beforehand.

Is something coming up for you about this program? I would love to chat more with you about that – book a free 20 minute call with me HERE