Brittany Renault

Brittany is currently a photographer on Big Island, as Big Island Hawaii Photographer, with a love for health, wellness, and kindness. She has been blessed to be on this island for the last 3 years after feeling called to a new space and time in her life. Prior to photography, Brittany was a middle school special education teacher for 12 beautiful years; 10 of those years in Madison, Wisconsin (her old home), and 2 years here in Hawai’i. In Spring of 2021, Brittany ventured out of the school building to pursue photography full time and focus on her creative skills, while spreading health and wellness through her many other passions such as cooking, farming, positive mindset practices, and tutoring services. 
Brittany started her yoga career in 2009, at 19, when she was a rower at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her assistant coach at the time was also an esteemed yoga teacher in the community and brought that practice into her weekly team practices. That is where meditation and the importance of real self-care was first really introduced to her. Since then, Brittany has taken an endless amount of classes and a variety of classes. She loved what any type of yoga did to her personally and in 2018 was certified as an instructor through the program Breathe For Change; an organization started by an educator herself, who saw that teachers really needed to honor themselves and be honored by others with mindful practices and yoga. She is also an avid runner and ran 30 half marathons before the age of 30 years old. Physical fitness has always been a very important part of her life, regardless of what it looks like, as long as it works for you individually. 
Brittany welcomes anyone, at any part of their life or yoga journeys to her classes and believes that kindness is the cure to anything and everything, first being kind to yourself. She has been eager to start teaching yoga and is very grateful that it gets to be here on the island with all of the incredible individuals she will be able to meet and this incredible AINA we call Earth.